Of course the major factor in determining the conformation, temperament, and gait was the selection of our stallion, Glen Hope Gold Rush and the specially selected mares. My selection criteria were very important, in what I was looking for in the sire and dam. I wanted (and got) the conformation from The Pusher bloodlines, and Ebony Masterpiece, Another Masterpiece, Midnight Sun, Sun’s Delight D, Handshaker, and Ebony’s Senator blood, to name a few.

Goldwell's Mist GOLDWELL'S MIST #973503 - Sorrel Tennessee Walking Horse mare, with both hind socks, lower lip, blaze. Daughter of Final's Goldwell x Threat's Black Mist. A granddaughter of Prides Final Edition and Triple Threat, she carries the blood of Pride Of Midnight HF, Sun's Delight D., Sun's Quarterback, Ebony's Senator, Ebony Masterpiece, Midnight Sun, Pride Of Stanley and Wartrace.  15.1 hands - started under saddle. Foaled 04/23/1997.

JOHNSTON'S SHASTA #925017 - Chestnut roan Tennessee Walking Horse mare, with an off hind sock, off fore coronet, star, mixed mane and tail.  Daughter of Mountain Painted Son x The Little Queen. Her pedigree also includes Ebony's Mountain Man, Ebony Masterpiece, Midnight Beau, GLL's Carbon Copy, Merry Go Boy, and Midnight Mack K. 15.2 hands - well broke.  Foaled 05/19/1992.

POOR BOY'S BEAUTY POOR BOY'S BEAUTY #960145 - Black Tennessee Walking Horse mare, with a star and snip. Daughter of Pride's Skippy x Delight's Charlotte. A granddaughter of Pride Of Midnight HF, she also carries the blood of Midnight Sun, Pride Of Stanley, Skipper Son Midnight, Go Boy's Lady Ann, Merry Go Boy, Sun's Delight D. and the even older bloodlines of Wilson's Allen, Merry Maker and Princess Allen. 15.2 hands - well broke.  Foaled 03/04/1996.


SHARP'S GOLDEN MIST #20106584 (deceased) - Palomino Tennessee Walking Horse mare, with a white mane and tail. Daughter of Pride's Tomahawk B. x Heirs Golden Threat.  Her bloodlines contain Mack K's Handshaker, Midnight Mack K., Pride's Wonder, Go Boy's Royal Heir, Merry Go Boy, Mizzou's Threat and Triple Threat. Foaled 04/03/2001. Died 02/27/2007.

SUPREME JOY #955364 (deceased) - Black Tennessee Walking Horse mare, with both hind socks, upper lip, star,  and snip. Daughter of Supreme Mr. Lucky x Peacock's Pride & Joy. A granddaughter of Threat's Supreme A., she carried the blood of Triple Threat, Sun's Quarterback, Another Masterpiece, Ebony's Senator, Ebony Masterpiece, Pride Of Midnight HF, Midnight Sun  and Pride Of Stanley.  Foaled 04/25/1995.

MISTER'S BLACK BEAUTY #20315299 (deceased) - Black Tennessee Walking Horse mare with a strip.  Daughter of Evil Knieval's Generator x Supreme Joy. A granddaughter of Spirit Of Evil Knieval, she carried the blood of Wonder Liz, Prides Generator, Pride Of Midnight HF, Threat's Supreme A., Triple Threat, Another Masterpiece and Go Boy's Sundust. Foaled 07/19/2003.

On Big View Walking Horses Farm the mares are as important as the stallion, although most people always look to the stallion as the primary part of their breeding program.  I look for the same thing in my mares that I look for in my stallion:    

1.  Conformation – the long beautiful neck and good body length.

Size – 15.3 hands or larger.

3.  Temperament – Must be calm, sane, trusting quality.
4.  Gait – Most important is the ability to slow walk, fast walk, and canter.
5.  Barefoot history is a plus; mares must have no history of training with action devices or weighted or padded shoes.
6.  Pedigree – This is where you get all of the above, because in the mare and stallion runs the blood of their ancestors.  This is why I believe the mare is just as important as the stallion. For the natural, barefoot, the-day-they-get-here-walking performance and look as described above I search their pedigrees for the Pusher bloodlines, as well as Ebony Masterpiece, Midnight Sun, Sun’s Delight D, The Handshaker lines Another Masterpiece and Ebony’s Senator to name a few.

We are very proud of our mares and treat them as royal as any of their ancestors, because they are carrying on the bloodlines.  We hope you find just what you are looking for here at Big View Walking Horses Farm.  Visit often.  You are always welcome.

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