Big View Walking Horses Farm Breeding Program began whenever I saw the breath taking conformation of a Tennessee Walking Horse stallion that looked like one of the Greek gods that was half man and half horse. You know, the long beautiful elegant neck, the height, magnificent body length, and tremendously smooth gait. This is what I wanted in a stallion and found it in Glen Hope Gold Rush.
As I investigated the bloodlines I found what I was looking for in the Pusher bloodlines, as well as Ebony Masterpiece, Midnight Sun, Sun’s Delight D, Handshaker lines, Another Masterpiece, and Ebony’s Senator to name a few. These bloodlines have produced for me foals, weanlings, yearlings, and into adult horses that have the gait naturally, nothing added to help produce the gait, just a natural barefoot smooth Tennessee Walking Horse gait.

I wanted the bloodlines that have and show the long humerus bone that pushes the shoulder bone (scapula) right up so that it lays back to the withers (45 degrees or more).  These bloodlines give the height, body length, long beautiful elegant neck, and tremendous gait (naturally – barefoot – nothing needs to be added).  As you have heard it said…. The babies come here walking (gaited)…. And they do!  Glen Hope Gold Rush and the selected mares give this and Glen Hope Gold Rush gives me (and maybe you) the added bonus of exquisite colors. 

Big View Walking Horses Farm has beautiful, sane, smart, gentle, loving, (did I mention beautiful) horses for sale.  These horses are very special in that every one of them was born on our farm (except for the mares and stallion that we began with, of course).  These horses were not raised in order to provide income for our family.  They were raised because of the immense pleasure I receive from seeing them come into this world, bond with their mother and siblings and cousins, and develop into wonderful adults (some of them now mothers and fathers of their own).  I mentioned in the About Us section how much THERAPY that all the horses provide for me.  Not that I am a…basket case… or anything, but because I am in a very stressful position of owning my own computer technology company and volunteering as Pastor of a church in our community, I look forward to visiting with the horses each afternoon and evening which is incredibly relaxing; some new born, some at the kindergarten level, some at the teenager level, and some approaching young adulthood. 

I am very pleased at the conformation, disposition/temperament, and gait that is being produced by the stallions and mares at Big View Farms. If you would be interested in breeding your mare to one of the stallions at Big View Farms please read over the Big View Farms, LLC Breeding Agreement and contact me for making arrangements. Please go to the Horses For Sale option to see the selections available. I sincerely hope that we have the opportunity to meet and possible introduce you to a partner for life, for you, your child, or maybe grandchild.  Thanks for visiting Big View Walking Horses Farm.

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