Big View Walking Horses Farm consists of 123 acres of pastures, woods, lake, and creek. 

The Equestrian facility (barn) is the center of the farm by design.  It is 105 feet x 200 feet, with an attached 25 ft. shed around the back 100 ft part of the barn.

The front 100 ft section of the barn contains:  Space for our 4 horse slant load Elite trailer.  This is the shavings and storage area. As you can see, getting a little wood collected for the coming winter. Eight 12 x 12 stalls (the stall walls are 8 ft x 12 ft, 4 inch thick concrete with reinforced rebar inside concrete),  all stall floors have ¾ inch rubber pad over concrete slab, with center drain connected to 6 inch heavy duty PVC pipe drainage system, the rubber pad is covered with 4 inches of wood shavings.  This makes it very easy to periodically pressure wash entire stall for disinfection.  We have two wash racks with 12 ft high concrete walls, 12 x 12.  The wash racks are also tied into the PVC drainage system.  One wash rack has a vet. stock for working with horses. This is the stall part of the Big View Equestrian Facility.
To the immediate right is the Feed room. To the immediate left is office. There is a 12 x 12 feed room; a 12 x 12 office; a 12 x 12 tack room; and a 12 x 30 ‘bunk room’ that has kitchen with stove, refrigerator, microwave, bathroom,  and shower.  There is also a 4 ft x 10 ft viewing window that allows viewing of the 105 ft x 100 ft inside arena. In the stall section of the barn is a 20 ft x 24 ft special stall used for many functions, such as birthing, or working with weanlings and yearlings.  There is also storage for hay, tractor, 4 wheelers and trailers, shavings area, etc.
The back 100 ft of the barn is the inside lighted arena with a 25 ft attached shed around entire arena. The entire arena section of the barn is surrounded by a heavy duty pipe fence.
The barn is designed so that a 7 acre pasture is connected with the left shed of the arena; an 8 acre pasture is connected with the back shed of the arena; and a 15 acre pasture is connected with the right shed of the arena.  This makes it very easy for switching pastures or at worming time.

All pastures are enclosed by a 5 ft fence, constructed with 4” x 6” treated posts every 8 ft, 5 ft tall - 2 x 2 non-climbing net wire with 1” x 6” treated board at top, center, and bottom of fence.  There is also X bracing every 100 ft for stability as well as beauty. The pastures are planted with Sumrall 007 Bermuda grass.  The other acreage is enjoyed for riding and trail training. Our home is situated on a hill overlooking the lake and barn with a ‘big view’ of the horses.

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